Meet Deb Colden

With over 25 years of domestic and international business, management, and consulting experience, Deb Colden specializes in helping leaders and teams achieve critical results in rapidly changing business environments in less time. As a premiere executive coach, as well as a results-oriented meeting designer and facilitator, Deb works with individuals and teams to increase their ability to reach aggressive business goals in less time and with greater energy. Her practical and deceptively simple techniques for strategy planning, development and collaboration have been applied by clients across business functions in a variety of industries.Prior to launching her independent consulting practice in 2002, Deb was a 20-year veteran of the high-tech, publishing, and broadcasting industries. She held a variety of management and cross-organizational leadership roles in marketing, distribution channel programs, and operations. But it was a role she created for herself as an internal consulting practice manager and leadership coach within a Fortune 50 company that inspired her to branch out on her own.

Her objective in the role was to accelerate the leadership capability, energy, and confidence of key players in ways that other leadership development experiences had failed to. Deb realized her expertise would also meet the needs of time-constrained professionals seeking an action-oriented approach to increased personal effectiveness and innovation.

Since then, Deb has created a client roster that includes leading organizations such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Gap, AMD, GSA Public Buildings Service, Blue Pumpkin Software, and PolyFuel Inc. Her not-for-profit clients include Habitat for Humanity and Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment.

Deb holds a Bachelor’s degree from Pomona College and earned her MBA with an emphasis on corporate finance and organizational behavior from the University of Southern California. She was selected for the HP Accelerated Development Program and attended the Advanced Management Program at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Management.

She is also an accomplished speaker and workshop leader, renowned for her Creating Breakthroughs™ series of experiential learning workshops, which enable professionals from all background to apply simple, effective techniques to strategy, planning, and collaboration for maximum results.