Deb’s clients work in corporate settings and include executives and senior managers, leaders and emerging leaders in mission critical positions. She also works with nonprofit organizations, small businesses and independent professionals.

Deb’s clients serve in a variety of disciplines from general management to functional leadership in marketing, manufacturing, research & design, product development, sales, support, finance, IT and HR. Although Deb is based in the San Francisco Bay area, she has had successful consulting relationships with clients across the US and abroad.

Each consulting relationship, like each client is unique. For coaching, Deb works with the client to ensure that the engagement is fully individualized to the client’s needs, priorities and talents.

For design and facilitation, Deb helps meeting leaders articulate clear and actionable outcomes for the work the group must accomplish together. She creates a custom design that engages the team before, during and after the session and helps leave the team energized, aligned and ready to take action. Example engagements include:
• Process or organizational transformation
• Ideation and innovation
• Strategy development, prioritization and planning
• “Fast start” session for new organizations or cross organizational initiatives

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